Nitgen T9

Nitgen T9Custodian Biometrics.
Nitgen T9 Facial Recognition System

Face Detection & Recognition System with an embedded tilt camera which automatically adjusts its angle to the user's facial height level for maximum flexibility;

Additional Dual Camera features include an Infra Red Camera and a Colour Camera to allow for vari- able lighting and visibility conditions.

FBI PIV Certified Sensor for Fingerprint Recognition is based on the world class Hamster Device which has achieved Global recognition as "Best in Class".
  • Dual CPU allow for Simultaneous Face and Fingerprint Authentication ensures a speedy throughput of Personnel with minimal queuing delays;
  • Dual Card Support
  • Simultaneous RF and Smart Card recognition enable the use of multiple Authentication mechanisms where extra High Security levels are required
  • 5" Colour Touch LCD with ultra accurate & enhanced Sensitivity allows for a very User Friendly oper-ating "Front End"
  • Superior Matching Engine using the worlds Top-ranked algorithm in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition) based on multiple University Research Projects and Fake fingerprint detection technology guarantees the highest level of security
  • Multifactor Authentication combinations with choices of Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN - 1:1, 1:N Finger- print authentication, shortcut ID, etc.
  • Crash Report System in the ACM Professional Software ensures that an analytical report is provided when an error occurs

    Nitgen Products
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Nitgen products
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Custodian Mobile

  • Cuts costs
  • Fully mobile
  • Accurate time analysis
  • No on-site configuration
  • Hosted employee HR package
  • Employee rostering
  • Biometric fingerprint terminal
  • Secure IP55 lockable cabinet


A flexible Time and Attendance package that retains employee records, hours worked, exclude breaks, and allows reporting and data analysis. Information can also be exported and imported into common payroll packages
Job Costings allows historical financial costings for Employees, jobs, job categories (like electricians, Joiners and plumbers). Data can be analysed by Day, Week, Month or from specific date to date.
This allows Management to create rosters for staff. The Rostering system uses drag and click technology, alterts when employees are not available due to pre-booked holidays, excess working hours and legal shift requirements. Peak time staff requirements can be easily seen in the software to ensure adequate staff are available on site at peak times.
Employee qualifications, compliance, H&S, training, licences complete with expiry dates, etc. Information on Employee assigned products like safety gear inclusive of relevant testing criteria if required.
Management, administration and employee alerts by text and email for items like absences, lateness, CSR expiry, etc.
Custodian Mobile is a totally mobile, integrated solution for sites with only basic amenities like electric. It can provide a mobile Time & Attendance, Job Costing, Compliance and Alerting solution for employees working on-sites.
Custodian HR's preferred Biometric partner is the Korean company Nitgen. Nitgen provides extremely reliable, robust, highly functional fingerprint devices which can also be used for an access control solution.

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